Forgive and eventually you will forget!


The day you forgive you begin to live
And if it's thaw will,
you will eventually forget,
and dig yourself out of an pit
When the pain travels to the brain
It's all the same,
indeed it can be more than insane
To keep your sanity, ask for help from the trinity
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
Can you hear it
Begin to mirror it
Although you may go through some ups and downs
Ins and outs,
Please don't pout
Let go, so things can begin to flow
I don't know, but remember you reap what
you sow
In order to grow, and reach the unlimited amount of dough
Remember owe no man
Not only in money, but in everything
Including forgiveness
Because through it, you will gain fruitfulness
Only when the day you forgive is when you can
truly live
And complete a lovely deal
That no man can steal
So lets start to heal, forgive
And eventually you will forget

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