Forgive or Forget

By Deb-Deb   

Lately I've been feeling better
Wearing my masks brings me comfort
Like wearing a sweater

Comfy and cozy inside of this lie
That's what I've been doing just fine
You just go living your life
While I hate mine

That's what's fucked up
I'm trying to move on
But it's so tough
To find peace in this war

A battle between forgetting and forgiving
What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving

You ask:
I guess that the wars over
Let me take off my mask.

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Key Words : Anxiety ,

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This Poems Story

I\'ve been fighting with myself lately. Especially with the holidays here. This inner battle is a Bitch..showing the real me and being vulnerable is uncomfortable but I need to do it in order to find out who I truly am.