Certain things I wish to share,
Lessons learnt I wish to bare,
So you may learn from my mistakes
And not make any of your own.
There's a virtue in self control --
A special talent we should extol--
This super power, no one can fake;
If you don't have it, one day it'll show.

My own weaknesses I didn't forbid,
The things I hate, the same I did;
Not of choice but I lacked the will power,
So I let myself have the best of me;
Until I hurt the ones I love
Who saw me like a harmless dove;
The pain burned like a fiery fire,
The scar was such that the blind could see.

My broken heart and spirit bleeds
For all my wrong and heartless deeds.
I didn't deserve your grace
But all my wrongs you did forgive;
Because of your amazing love
Calling to me from far above,
I can no longer hide my face in disgrace;
So, boldly, my all to you I give.

Thank you love for this special gift to me.

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This Poems Story

All the hurt I caused my friend, which even though I didn't mean to, I still did it anyway. She found a way to forgive me and still loved me the same. In all, I realised that God loved me even more.