Forgiven flaws

The abundance of sin that I used to portray,
I'm laying them down and I'm turning away.
Because God's voice is growing so loud deep inside,
It's screaming the truth and in him I confide.
I was ignoring his voice and defying his laws,
Then I'd make a bad choice, I'm a person of flaws.
So if there's one of you perfect then stand up real tall,
Because I'd like for your tactics to be shared with us all.
What a shock to my eyes that there's one who stands up.
I don't know your story and I don't know your name,
But I'll fill your cup for all that you claim.
Tell a life chapter, where does yours start?
Well, I'll tell you my child it began in my heart.
I was born in a manger my mother was blessed,
And to you I'm no stranger,though you may have guessed.
I was beaten and scorned then nailed to a cross,
By God I was formed so your souls were not lost.
I chose to die so that you could live,
When you accept this I am quick to forgive.
Three days later I arose from the grave, so that all would beleive in the free gift I gave.

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