Think about how you sweat
When you are feeling upset
Your tight muscles are clenched
Your body refused to be quenched
Your heart is pounding
Your stomach is churning
These stresses coming up in stealth
On your physical and mental health

Stress causes depression ..alpha
Followed by headaches and nausea
Your energy levels dropping deep
With your loss of appetite and sleep
Incestuous survivors proved it
That by forgiving the culprit
Their low self-esteem increased
And levels of anxiety decreased

When you're hurt only you have the clue
And can figure out how to heal only you
You may need help professionally
From a beloved advisor spiritually
When you're feeling stressed your best asset
Is to play with your kids and enjoy the sunset
Inhaling in and out as you push your belly out
Relaxing your belly is a darn good workout

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