you ask for forgiveness

you ask for me to let go

to let go of this pit of darkness

you say it's not right to bear a grudge

but let me ask you

was it right since the day i was born

to squeeze every ounce of love and hate in me

was it right for me to cry

while cured up in the dark

was it right for me to distrust and despise every man i see

was it right for me to bare shame because i didn't

know who you were

was it right for me wishing to be in daddy's arms

was it right for me to dream you were coming home

was it right for you to leave this hole in my heart

by the man i should call father

by a man i should love when i can't love another

by a man who took joy from eye's and my life before it began

you ask to be a father

but is it right for me to let you be

when you couldn't even let me be a daughter

you ask for forgiveness

but forgiveness i can't give you

at least not now

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