We've forgotten his love and his grace
We've forgotten that hate must be replaced with faith
We've forgotten that we're all God's children.
We've forgotten that we've all made mistakes,
So we judge others when things don't go our way.

We praise false idols from day to day
But forgotten that they shall perish in the flames.
We've forgotten that Christ died on the cross
And shed His blood so our lives won't be lost.
We've forgotten how to pray;
Instead we pick up the phone and groan and complain.

We've forgotten that life isn't promised every day.
We've forgotten that He can heal all our infirmities.
We've forgotten how to confess our sins.
Instead we would rather live with pain and bitterness.
We've forgotten how to let go of the past,
So when God blesses us with something new it never lasts.
So what is it that I'm really saying?
It's time to stop forgetting and start praying.

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