It was just a memory
Yes, just a sweet memory
One that you'll never forget
You'd remember every day before you go to bed
Then a memory much greater and sweeter took its place
And just like that it somehow got replaced
It was left forgotten and untouched
Don't you think that's just unjust?
I didn't think I'd ever forget
It'll forever be a great regret
But as I am now I can't remember
Of that oh so distant December
Never again will I feel the joy of that distant memory
Especially now that my brain has forgotten the harmony
You promised that you wouldn't forget me
So I wonder how did this come to be
I'm not even a distant memory
I've been forgotten. completely
So I wonder how I couldn't see
That every memory would soon flee
The memory is gone and has disappeared with the snow
For it was a pure memory, one that many did not know
It was during a time of joy I believe
Yes, it was during that season: on Christmas Eve
Maybe one day I will once again remember
Of that day in that oh so distant December

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