Forgotten History

Woke up this morning all alone
What a feeling, one that I forgot how to know
It's alright though, I've been doing just fine
You aren't a worry in this mind of mine

All my friends have called "just checking in"
Thinking I'm taking this harder than I really am
Sure I miss you, sure I cared
But the same can't be said for you it was never really there

It doesn't bother me, seeing you with him
I know I'm better off with us staying friends
It was fun I guess, but it was never worth tears
Glad we figured this out before the months turned to years

Thanks for the fun we had, thanks for the wild ride
3 AM conversations and crossing the great divide
Thank you for the memories that will never fade away
And if you'd like to, we can always try again someday

But until then, I'm over it all
No more in love with you will I fall
Cause this romance of you & me
Now all it is, is our forgotten history

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