Forgotten Memories

By Eris   

Though only centimeters apart,
Your heartbeat and mine seem so far.
Someone, bring us closer.
May death do us part

Lights shined with the call of a distant siren,
A night so cold with wind so loud.
Dreams unfulfilled and a song so shrill.
You asked if I can stay
"I will"

If, one day, you remember me,
sit, in front of me, and answer me.
If, one day, you remember me,
please, meet me and hand to me,
my dear shining memories.
With you.

If, one day, you forget,
I will remind you.
If, one day, you reject,
I will be there for you.
If, one day, you remember once again,
please forgive my weakness.

Remember, those trees?
Remember, your dreams?
They could have blossomed.
They could have flourished.
Yet here, you tell me, that you have forgotten.
Your promise, "May death do us part."

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