Forgotten Memories

It's funny,
the things we remember,
and the things we don't.

I know what I had for breakfast this morning,
but tomorrow that won't matter.
It doesn't even matter know, unless, of course,
I suddenly had an allergic reaction from an unknown cause
that plagued me with a dramatic case of diarrhea.
As the doctors probed me, they'd ask question after wretched question,
and at last I would mutter,
"I had Greek yogurt for breakfast... "
Remarkable understanding would cross their faces
as they proved my belief to my mother -
that I had developed an intolerance for lactose.
But the doctors would soon forget I had ever been there,
because it's funny the things we remember.

If someone asked me right now,
what the first word you said to me today, was,
I good tell them.
It was my name, exclaimed, not simply said.
I can repeat nearly everything you have said to me,
word for word as if I had practiced from a script.
But strangely enough, I have no memory of the first time I saw you,
let alone the first word you ever said to me.
You are the only thing that fails to escape my thoughts,
the only ever-present thing trapped in my mind.

It's funny, that the things we don't remember,
are what change our lives the most.

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