Forgotten mistakes

I know because of the past, you find me hard to trust.
That i made bad decisions every time we fussed.
You hold the past on me like it was a loaded gun.
Believe me, i realize the bad things i've done.
So please can we let go of the past and start new.
What do i need to do just to prove to you.
All i see in my future now is you, me and us.
I'm done with the games and don't want to fuss.
I've learned a lesson from mistakes that i've made.
Our love for each other, is something i don't want to fade.
We have something that is one of a kind.
You don't know how hard i have looked to find.
A perfect, pure love like we have right now.
We found each other, and it doesn't matter how.
So help me hold on to what we have here.
Because your love for me i cherish so dear.

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Problems in my relationship.