Forgotton Wishes

Wishes are dreams, not dreams we can fulfill ourselves,
but they are dreams asked for by the universe.
Wishes are wasted and forgotten

at the bottom of a wishing well,
or on the top of a twinkling star.
A broken wishbone squandered away
or white puffs blown off the center of a dandelion
lost in the wind.
Wishes that are written on balloons
sent soaring into the air,
Not knowing where they will end up
and not ever knowing where they do.

Dreams can come true not by wishing, but doing.
Wishes should not float away with the lantern in the sky,
rather it be a beacon of light
providing guidance and igniting passion within.
Glittering birthday candles are blown out,
grey swirls of smoke linger in the air.
Don't wait for the smoke to clear,
embrace spontaneity and adventure.

Don't close your eyes and make a wish,
open them and make your dreams into a reality.

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