Fork in the Road

I close my eyes, I'm lost in this dream
I close my eyes, yet I keep looking
The deeper I look, the less I see
Skeletons in my closet, these demons continue to haunt me
Lost in life, I'm not quite sure which way to go
Always moving forward, fighting my way out of this black hole
The deeper in thought I allow my mind to go
The deeper I fall into that black hole
At one time, my thought was that we would grow old
In love for eternity-even as my heart burns, it continues to grow cold
Damned to hell, yet in the distance I hear Heaven's bells
I'm lost and not quite sure which way to go
I close my eyes and listen close
Listening for her heartbeat to guide me home
Seasons change, yet I still roam
Trying to get away, before this black hole swallows my soul

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