Formidable Written From Expressed

Under here is the ocean purple and blue very light representing through to the sight in sight of something spectacular?
It is a new visionary creator sailing off land to expand a continent enchant.
The distance away of place across many and sea it began.
It's more times of life than volcanic eruption to
spoil the destruction when it stops.

This is of what bad chosen does he yes had sudden no sound of no voice.
The ears are cut off made a choice of course that's the feed.
The elaborate pigeon toe beholds bread to be
that travels at being seeking for the travels ahead reach.

The dark of the world far made to explore any area of activity peace that's
free people.
I don't see allow me to show you steep above crest
shield going to the creek.
This at the mountain healthy shambles reason these cards are tangled.
It's mangled in the Milky Way express galaxy.

What so? Now what to do? Could this stay to change something slightly?
Does anyone have a clue by the stench of graves uprising?
No you not me dragon whip tip package her sip savvy.
The sleep of dreams ate me and Maddie gradually more off the street.

The bless it is he with how neat bar none things that I want
isn't happening imagine things so fancy.
Look it's a sandy beach under my feet sore for weeks yes me no
one understood.

The hoping soaking the waves it's all good.
This is sinking the sunset wait yes that's it.
I'm having quit of everything boring this are to be the same mundane
thing allegedly.

It's nothing lazy no one needs to save me because nothing is gravy.
Its okay it be festive this page increasing downward.

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It's a bulk of rhymes splashed together without reason.