Fornicating Sins

I'm fornicating with disaster
a destruction within myself.
I don't know what to do now
I've mishandled the cards in this life I was dealt.
I used to stand 6 foot 1
now I'm down at 3 foot 2.
Crazy how small I feel these days
everything I ever worked for
was never really true.
Misconceptions, misunderstandings,
low blows to the gut.
People have a good way at putting on a front.
I was always told to keep my friends close
and my enemies closer.
Grandfather used to say we in a world now
where you'll need a burner on you in a holster.
Do you feel the heat I'm spitting
the truth that brings frustration in my sinning?
My head is steady spinning.
Temptation is calling me screwing up my well-being.
Self destruction is our world
I fear there is no cure.
For myself I am praying for every other boy and girl.

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