Forsaken Love

Ive loved and Ive lost
Ive lived and Ive died
What point is affection?
When even this I cant survive!

You were here for a minute
Then disappeared as a ghost.
Even hunting you
Would have been to close.

Believing that youre real
Feels like a dream.
Seeing you there
Distracts reality.

I never wanted to hurt you
I didnt want to walk away.
But you never looked for me.
You let me fade away.

You claimed it be over.
Did it ever begin?
Did you ever uncover,
True feelings for me within?

Do you still ache?
Just as I do?
Like a burning passion to unite?
Just as I do?

Would you ever want me back?
Even for one minute, to hold me tight?
To never let me go...
To disappear in the night.

I still love you.
'Tis true it may seem.
I'll always love you.
Forever and forsaken shall it be.

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