In your attention span
just a mouth
open for the sigh you gave it
geometric body subtracting the sum of need
in this hard truth stuttering out soft convictions
For the indulgence of a more appetizing end
I'll accompany you like a habit
something soft to lean against
Waking up hungover, decomposing our minds the way
fires hollow out wood
reality dims down dimensions of a dream
I dig deep to remove the muscle that has grown
articles I want to kill off
before they become permanent
Again, you a viral season
allergic reaction that comes familiar
decorating my soul in needles, but I am living
making me need the edge of heights
the blind nothingness of sloppy intoxication, but I am consciously
craving the disappointment you will bring
rob me of clean intention till I am rotted in your belly
dull me in waiting
age me in loving alone
Just a mouth now
articulated for the consumption

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