Fortitude Existance Dissect

Lost the fore front name malice room about this syndicate an art event torn to rubbish in dust does this crust thin fast the wind?
The blends in a mean to discover imminent life storms ruined what other existence hence kept sacred movement.
There to an own parallel division separate in the universe described an ability longing a thirst prolonged vision infinitesimal infinite work.

The sentence to salt after the trade the ocean should mention for escape over the hills will come a creature mentally challenged.
What's real senseless deals trading in a more valuable object injuring
about the mimics of life instill damages.
The collection most when lead in strife to knife with sight blurry a haze mirror in through the destruction up when down the dark descending.

The sleek of discern in earn of a paycheck following into my wallet then here it is learned of the Zayolic chapters grasping so vast the fantasy.
This would be of my doing is being the maker of mastery poems that I create is all to real to me so much than this physical being.

It is in me of my mind separate from all the humans on earth gone to be. For the escape undefined on these lines intricate rhymes only.
No insects no animals or humans in my way this time around just this and I.
But I know the example presentation focused be gone in the sleep of my images naked without any trace.

This is off to exist her messages appeared a blue figure in a super bright artificial light distant in four shadows of elements tight loose varied.
The fire then the water creating a hole in the sky soil then wind takes upon no sword.

It dense with words that may stir a proposition compatible to the free of this blurs unheard poetic work coming to some disturbed.

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This Poems Story

A revelation between odd worlds of the psyche.