Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie

Humane Society animals need a helping hand.
Vegans should use music to influence the fans.
Someday I want to see Ireland.
Mermaids were seen 3000 feet under Greenland.
Green is the color of money.
For a sugar daddy & their honey.
Some comedians just aren't funny.
Mild to moderate intelligence is a dummy.
I will never be a playboy bunny.
Don't waste years wondering why.
Do not shed a single tear or cry.
Don't allow anyone to take your life, or have you banned.
Some history can't be out ran.
You don't need to form a secret clan.
No I still ain't got a man.
You know my past, present, & future is damned.
My enemy never gets slammed.
I will give you a hint.
I love leopard print.
I like fabrics that don't lint.
The condition of my possessions are mint.
At Starbucks I like frappucinos with peppermint.
Circumstances get weird.
Guys look ugly with a beard.

(Pain really hurts.
My co workers treat me like dirt.)

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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