Fought for love

I fought hard for love,
But what did love do for me?
It treated me badly, and its sadly to say that I continued to stay and embrace this love, I didn't want to face this love, but to erase this love and replace this love with a love unknown.
My soul has grown attached, but I refuse to take his love back.
I lost myself in him, somehow,
Somewhere over the clouds you'll see a shattered star that represents me.
He said it was his love that I had to earn.
I fought hard for love, but got no love in return

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl who thought she was so in love with this charming guy, that she lost parts of herself within him by revolving her whole world around only him and to him she just couldn't give enough of herself to him to make him happy, so she had to let him go