fought for

I'm looking for a way out wasn't doing then what makes
think you will now.
It's when you need them the most they go and turn ghost
got left with nowhere to go falling up falling low
my mind is gone yeah i know the time that i let go
i cant get it back cant get over my past
trying to change my mind frame
has been driving me insane thoughts of blowing out my
brain but then again in the end no one will think of me
the same, with suicidal thoughts while looking up at a
cross fought for everything but i lost.
defined as the black sheep hate when i wake
i want to sleep for eternity let me rest in peace
satin been getting the best these demos keep testing me
wont let me be got no more fight in me lord forgive me.
been in battle with myself suicidal idealization
wounds are self inflicted in and out of isolation
mental ward patient bare with me please lord
i know that you been patient with my selfish acts
taken advantage not thinking twice of the blessing
i was given when my life was almost taken
cause the bad decisions i was making could have been
another dead and missing wouldnt change the tears
falling from my mom and dads faces those days i cant go
back the memory is hard to erase so i sit with my pen
and my pad thanking god for everythng that i have

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