They have chased your thoughts
made you believe their lies were true.
Seperating you from logic and reason,
given you false beliefs and somatic feelings.
Diagnosis Diagnosis , medication medication,
the battle could not be won.
Persuaded to give up on it all and on yourself.
Blinding your eyes from seeing any light,
while they welcome you into their darkness.
They have beaten you down in still silence.
Trying to erase you.
But God see's your heart,
his angels are ready to embrace you.
While a battle may have been lost,
there will be triumphal war.
Fear not the Lord is mighty and he will save you
from the hell the demons have trapped you on earth,
He will lift you up and carry you to his temple.
Taking away all the pain that they have caused.
Healing the wounds that lay within you.
With his amazing grace,
a child that is lost will be found.

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