I traveled across the seven seas and it was not there.
I climbed to every mountain top
and descended to every valley below
and still it was not there.
I worked and toiled as a laborer
my mind tilled and milled as a professional
and still it wasn't there.
I've made lust to girlfriends,love to wives,even toes curl with hoes
and still it was not there.
I've been rich, I've been poor, I've been dirty, I've been clean
neither, nither, nor... it wasn't there.
Then one rainy day I went to a place I called home;
I went upstairs to the bathroom,
opened the door turned on the light,
and almost yelped and choked! with a joyous fright,
cause as I turned to the mirror I saw tears not rain
and low and behold!!!
It was there...It was their... It is here!
right in the mirror I stirred
I was found.
Finally...wanting for one
cause everything was right in there.
And I said, "Thank you LORD,It's good to be around":)

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