Lost but never forsaken.
My pride shelters a heart,
That’s constantly battling the aching.
So I try to stay smart,
When I enter these situations.

Now I know that it’s key,
That I see things.
To make decisions from the heart.
In order to part
From these street scenes.
As I try to leave behind my mark.

Because I’ve seen my pros,
Outweigh my cons.
Felt hurt,
Thats nearly gone.
As I leave behind the G code,
My pride still seems to go strong.

Cause Who wants to be 36 years old,
Going through a mid life crises.
Even if the deck is fixed, I’m told,
To strive for nothing but greatness .
But I can’t continue to live life like this.

So I focus on my patience.
No more chilling with norm
Or running around with the basics
If im gonna weather the storm
Stay Cool, calm and collective,
But just a little bit reckless.

I just wish that you can see,
That I’m really taking a stand.
Improving who I can be,
In what you envision as a man.

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