Don't leave the foundation for the sensation...
things may appeal to your imagination..
leading you into temptations...resulting in further frustrations.

A word, a thought? Actions do not talk.
Love is perfection-senses are deception.
God shows you redirection, the enemy has mastered your imperfections.
Lust is blind, it's love that sees your heart needs protection.

Lust feels no thinking, love does for you self shrinking.
Poison of the mind is what your drinking, if true love is really what you are thinking.

God made it quite clear, don't go there, don't go here, but your making moves in fear, it's the enemies lies you hear.

Never mind beloved, he's wasting your time beloved, you are mine beloved.
This is putting you behind beloved.

But i will wait for you to see the fake, although your hearts at stake, vengeance i will take, joy i will make for you....
& what you have been going through,
He turns your beauty into ashes, that why i took the slashes,
to show you true love, they sent me from above,

You turn your ear from me,
but 1 day you will see,
the pain you feel,
it was because of you & not me. ....
& if they hurt you they also hurt me
the hurt of your heart comes with a fee...
will i not part the seas?
If the son sets you free, you are free indeed.

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Hurts of the heart will reap God's vengeance & God's love is the best. Better to be lead by God then temptations.