Four Horsemen

Four horsemen stand on Mt. Zion
The first to descend is pestilence
The bringer of plagues
That destroys the weak
And weaken the strong
His brother follows suit
Famine the destroyer of crops and livestock
His presence is followed by men
Fighting amongst each other for food
Turning brother against brother
Shattering the little trust that holds us strong
War rides in proud and strong
Provoking mistrust into strife
Seeing that the world descends into chaos
One horseman remains on top of Mt. Zion
He rides in along the wind
Signaling the end
No more wars, famines, or plagues
The Earth scorched by War's path
The crops turned to dust due to Famine
The Pestilence's plagues run unchecked
Death's arrival signals the final war on earth
Not of men
But of Heaven and of Hell

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