Four Letter Word

Do you know what the most common four-letter word used is?
It's said in your face, but once you turn your head, the other 4-letter word is said.
It's a word that's supposed to invoke fierce loyalty, instead you join others and talk about me, never mind that you're family.
It's a word that begins a marriage, and one that ends one, without regard for their sons or daughters or the sins that pass down from one generation to another.
It's a word that money can't buy, but in a divorce it's forgotten, and suddenly you pay a price for sharing your life, what once started out a shared dream is now a distant memory.
One word resonates when the gavel strikes, yelled out from both sides
"Half" loud and clear, forgotten are the three kids in the front row who now hold contempt for you both
It's a word that replaced sincere apology, and is used to appease an uneasy situation and ward off confrontation, reality is the exact opposite there is no more reverence which leads to sacrifice, no more laying down your life, no more freely giving without agenda's and motives that are hidden.
It's a word void of emotion and morals, hopeless souls, frigid, trapped by unchecked regret, and blatant disrespect. No more please and thank you, its "forget you" and even worse, ignoring you.
It's a word we associate with "Le Petit Morte" way too much, causing virginity to be near extinction, trading the natural for acts of treason against self without understanding the end result,

Sex is so corrupt, where LOVE once lived it's now filled with lust, dating doesn't even exist, not caring about how you'll feel tomorrow when you're empty and hollow.
The word is Love…
It is not for the weak
it is not for the Strong,
It does not favor one over the other,
It requires no demonstration,
It covers your faults and words of aggression,
It will take your pain in an instant, to give you an ounce of remission.
Love takes courage, the ability to stand, to look defeat in the face and stake your claim, not just for yourself but others as well.
Love is patient, slow to anger, it will look away instead of pointing fingers.
Love does not Brag or Boast, it is self-sufficient, it doesn't need to be right nor does it need a spotlight,
Love takes maturity, something as rare as a pearl in this Godforsaken world.
Love is eternal, it isn't swayed like the trees on a windy day, it doesn't change with time, it's not something you find on an old vinyl 45.

I hope for your sake you find it one day, you'll know because the void that was once in your soul is now whole.

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This Poems Story

I was sitting in a public place the other day when I heard a couple having a spat, the most used word besides the f bomb was Love??? I had a revelation or insight, I was saddened by how the word Love is thrown around. Spoken like it cost nothing, it inspired me.