Four letter word

Love. What's the means of it?
A small word with such tremendous intentions.
A word that delivers a jolt of happiness through
your body.
A fulfillment of appreciation to the pit of your
Producing butterflies that makes you want to fly away.
Makes you feel as if you can withstand anything.
The heat from hearing this word warms up any
cold spot in your heart.
Touching parts of your soul never reached
Taking you places never imagined.
Levitating you up to the top of the pedastal
Giving you an embrace only it can send to you.
Hold you at night in comfort
Cope with you when the moments are tense
Healing what was once broken to receive this feeling
in full.
So what is love?
Its a four letter word that's powerful,
Majestic. Alluring.
With the sound of this word pronounced,
the means of it become indescribable.
To the point, you will start to develop true meanings
to the question always asked to oneself,
Is this love?

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