Four letter word

Love is cruel
Love is ruthless
Love kills ones close by
Is it not that told him to eat the forbidden fruit bearing us with such sin
Is it not love that stood by as her husband killed Jew after Jew
Is it not love that is abused
Is it not love that rips out our hearts making it hard to love again
Is it not love that leaves us on the empty streets
Is it not love that gives us up and pushes us down
If this is not love why are we bound to it
Why are we branded with rings and objects like cattle
Why shall we love him when he has not made the same promise
Is it not love that makes a single mom
That leaves you as a baby feeling as you have done something wrong
Is it not love that kisses you on the forehead and disappears into the night
Is It not love that dies in your very arms
Is it not love that we glance at through steel bars
Is it not love that soars with no responsibility
Is it not love that tickles our toes and twists out tongues

Is it not love that makes blood flow through our veins
If this is not love, what is it

Is a four letter word so difficult to understand
Is it that confusing that we look to movies to guide our way
Is it that hard to grasp that we look to those who have never loved to guide our way to love again
Love is defined as a deep affection
Love is those who cook our meals
Tucks us into bed
Changes our diapers and sings sweet songs
Is it not love that told us lies to keep us safe
Four letters may not seem like a big deal but those four-letter will change your life forever

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