Four Little Angels

Four little angels, sitting by a cross.
The first one said, it's the end I'm lost.
So she walked away, to the heavens gates.
Awaiting was St. Peter, to receive her fate.
The other three angels, mourned for hours.
Next to that cross, was placed a flower.
So two more angels, decided it's time.
Their thoughts of life, it's free to confine.
Without truly knowing, where to finally rest.
St. Peter let them enter, for God to caress.
That very last angel, mourned for hours.
Next to that cross, placed two extra flowers.
The last of our angels, looked at that day.
Couldn't help but realize, it's not far away.
Full of brilliant life, but not knowing it all.
St. Peter standing high, watching his golden walls.
After no more angels, were there to mourn.
They watched over us all, as an angel is reborn.

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