Four Silk Scrolls

Four Silk Scrolls
Taking quill to linen as parchment, to scroll the wisdom of the Universal Ancients follows the warming trends. The slowest of trickle, as the sunlight glistens upon the ice covered lands rising above.

The crispness of air fills his lungs as he is present and very much enlivened with a wonderment of light. Dark ink is presented to silk with perfection of embracement hovering in the tight strands. The silk is with conviction, that steadfast holds the message so reverently that no ink passes through such linen.

Four such silk parchments were offered doctrine, amongst the temple lands under the ice and snow line. Each contained verse taken from the mountains themselves. Fearing such knowledge could be misinterpreted, the monk found sanctuary within the stillness of self.

Upon his awakening he understood. With arrows and long bow beneath the sacred tree, each parchment was tightly wrapped around shafts. He then climbed past the greens of the low lands to the highest peaks capped in snow. His feet blackened as the cold remained constant as he continued.

Finally atop the summit he drew from his quiver 4 silk arrows each with the sacred texts upon them, and notched them upon his long bow. With all might and strength, he drew back and then released those scrolls into the air aiming for the farthest reaches of the universe.

As he laid in the snow, his life slowly being absorbed by the mountain he uttered his resolve to one day reunite those arrows of knowledge. From such a vantage point he found inner strength and understanding of the eternal, and thus begins the journey.

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