Four Stones

Into the sinful world,
I was born as a Sinless child,
Corrupted by corruption,
Argued with arguers,
Received punishments upon punishments,
Searched for an identity,
Learnt from the learned sapient,
Attained a peaceful satisfaction,
Strongest ever Foundation was built.
I’ve achieved my first stone.

Treasuring my past,
I stepped onto a new life,
A life with my another half,
My soul multiplied into four,
The more I grew,
The more I fell,
Pressure upon pressure headed my way,
Treasures stood with me,
Against the cruel storm.
I was bestowed with my second stone.

The older I got,
The more burdened I became,
Patience was lost,
Fought among my loved ones,
A peaceful life I craved,
Gave up my food and wealth,
Leaving my souls,
I went in search for
The meaning of life,
I received my third stone.

Death at my door,
Knocking, ‘knock, knock, knock'.
I looked for comfort,
emptiness was what I felt,
Heart beats rapidly,
Sweat soaking the clothes,
Screaming with pain,
I said ”Get out crow!!!
I am not yet ready to come.”
I was rewarded with my final stone.

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