Four Years

She has four years to decide
The definite, defining decisions
That will forever affect and follow her
Wherever she may go

Will she attend a prestigious private school?
Then become the next ground-breaking scientist
That takes the world by storm
With her breathtaking brilliance
Maybe she will stay close to home
And drive by all the places she's always known
And lay on the familiar grass while breathing in the familiar air
With support as close to her as the air she breathes
She may leave it all behind and fly alone across the world
To the endless starry skies of Africa
Or maybe the warm turquoise Caribbean waters
Or to the gray, yet riveting, London scenery

Whatever it is she decides she knows
That she will have experiences she cannot yet even imagine
And at times she will still stare at the glass mirror in her room
Wondering why she made such a stupid choice to do what she did
No matter what she chooses she knows
That she will have her heart broken in many ways, at many times
Yet she will have times when it soars so high with joy
That she couldn't imagine her life any other way

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