Four Years

There she stood, body shaking and teary eyed.
Agony riddled her face. She cowered lightly behind her husband, waiting for him to speak the words she couldn’t bare to think.

“Your mother is very sick.”

There they were. The words she dreaded.

Confusion and pain flashed through her children’s eyes. It was too much to bear.

Her knees began to buckle. Without a word, she left the room. The tears wouldn’t stop. She made the decision in that moment to fight until there was nothing left.

Four years.

That’s how long she fought. Day in and day out. Sleep rarely made an appearance. Body aches and nausea became more frequent than breathing, but still she smiled.

Before she knew it, she found herself in a sad looking hospital room for what seemed like the thousandth time.

She couldn’t remember how she arrived or why she was there.

Soft, trembling hands intertwined with her own.

Heads were bowed and a quiet prayer was echoing across the lips of those surrounding her.

One final look was all she needed to be lulled into peace. Her soul left her body knowing she was deeply loved by every human being who knew her.

She was finally free from her pain and misery.

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