Fractured Beasts

We are not what we ought to be,
We thrive on one’s imperfections,
And go about ridiculing of their inflections,
And gorge on the frail and misfortune,
Yet claim to be the sages who can foresee…

We bare the burdens of our errantly abyss,
We kiss our moments of bliss,
We yearn and dream of what we could be
Yet chastise those similar to thee “for they do not see”…

Tis an appalling tune we are all accustomed to;
A tune which bares our hues and views,
Where impaling the frail, is a sign of prevail
And dreaming is a being undone and forgotten
For we are not the sages we ought to be,
We are a cycle of fractured beasts

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Key Words : humanity, poetry, critique

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This Poems Story

\"Fractured Beasts\" is a critique on humanity\'s nature. In it, communicates how we have changed overtime as humans to resembling far less than that.