Fractured love, a mother\'s struggle

In the depths of my despair, on the bathroom floor,
I hold a needle, my heart heavy and sore.
Doubts and fears consume me, as I carry our son,
His father's betrayal, what have we become?
I longed for a love that was meant to be true,
But now I question if my heart can see it through.
How can I love this child, a painful living tie,
To a love that crumbled, a truth turned awry?
Alone in my anguish, you're absent once more,
Expecting forgiveness, as you've done before.
But when the tides shift, you flee from the fight,
In your eyes, I'm nothing, lost in the night.
In this moment of darkness, a glimmer appears,
A strength rising within, to dispel my fears.
I refuse to let your betrayal define my fate,
I'll hold this unborn child, and love will create.
Though doubts may entangle, and fears may rise,
I'll find the courage to love, despite the lies.
For this child is innocent, a beacon of light,
I'll cherish and protect him, with all of my might.
So I'll rise from this sorrow, with love as my guide,
Embracing this new life, with nothing to hide.
Though your sins weigh heavy, I'll break free and sing,
For in the eyes of our child, I am everything.

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    This Poems Story

    My rock bottom moment. I became one of those people I used to judge and talk about, a low life drug addict getting high while I was pregnant. After my husband turned to another woman when I was eight months along with our son, his first child, I could only think about how I didn\'t want to bring this baby into this world into a broken family like my daughter experienced. That\'s the thought that got me high.