Fractured Perception

Our future is fragile,
Depicting past scenes in slices of breakable glass
They are stained with colors which describe their infinity
Prominent clusters of blues,
Crashing at all angles against the green of the land
Bunches of exquisite purple,
Establishing royal significance
Bursts of red,
Enhancing the status of emotion
Collections of golds,
Lying tranquil atop hallowed heads
Light illustrates their combined speech,
Bleeding each shade to form an entirely untold narrative,
Similar, yet unimaginably different from its source
Through delicate swirls,
Fragmented patterns,
And methodical correlation,
They weave a portrait that could seldom be so perfectly repeated,
Whether by labors of present or a time unknown
This marriage of effortlessness and complexity,
Never before reached with such passionate affirmation
The rational sum of their parts construct an image
Containing only the unattainable,
Immortalized pieces of yesterday,
That which is no longer tangible to the human body
But lives on through the miracle of the human mind

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