You have taken with you my Sun
The stars, packed in bags of duffelled canvas
Those low hanging clouds caught in the nettings of your eye
You have dragged the blue to furthest reaches
To places I can not follow, covered
With scraps of dead leaves and gangrenous petals
The ends of odds are odds and ends
In cessation of hard covered songs and dances

Delicate filigree wrap around my warring fingers
Lacework of entanglements latticed dreams
Gateways to the heavens now strain unyielding
The way of parted fractures lay raw and bleeding in soot
Paint my eyes in the opaques of this darkening water
Barring the seams of full lips, a spiritless cadaver
Amidst the dimming of the burnished essence of living coals
When upon the wake of that new dawn, You were turned to dust

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