Fragile light

Breaking the line between reality and divine.
The pain is growing when lights begin to shine.
Every voice has a story to hide.
That true wisdom lives on the other side.

I felt a grip of the shifting sands.
The poem of eternity reveals her hands.
Chasing beauty in life’s precious pond,
Wondering about secrets that lie beyond.

Golden words stand between the lines,
Light of truth is fragile and sublime,
Smoke rings will show a sign,
That infinity lies in a great mind.

Wisdom makes a silent noise
I can hear your soft voice
We shall play in a shapeless ground,
Where only the Sun makes a calling sound.

I found the shelter in a pale night.
And the beauty in the grain of sand.
Across the sea the hope is there.
Roaring waves turn the endless sphere.

The sound of innocence in us will grow.
Whole humanity one day will know.
So, will we find a mystic land?
No one knows until the end.

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Poem - Fragile light- is a glimpse of internal and emotional universe.