For I see the light, so I live in the shadows
I know righteousness, so I embrace the unjust and corrupt
I see cruelty, I see sin
Our dystopian society cloaked in bright smiles and security tied into a neat little bow
They want us to see colors
I see black and white
They want us to feel warmth
I only feel the coldness of desertion

They have blinded us
Fed us with lies and secrets
They have damaged the way we used to think
In a world where everything has meaning, and everything has sadness, they have taught us to see good, and only good
Only when we choose to see the bad will we realize that what they say is wrong
There is no color, there is no peace
There is war, hunger, and death
We shall not be ignorant forever
We will soon see everything through a clear lens

Childhood, the proprietor of innocence and purity
A clean slate
A blank page
Beautiful and delicate
A mind susceptible to manipulation
Fragile, unspoken for
A small smile and hopeful eyes
A bright future

Mayhem, riot
Streets filled with rage
Fires and broken dreams
Here lies the quest for clarity
Here lies the truth
Forever searching for answers

Justice will be found
Errors will be corrected
An uprising will come upon us
No longer will we believe in their poisonous ways
We have opened Pandora’s box

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