Frail Flaw

Towards the end of a brilliant day quite near the shore,
The golden sun beams as it sets, for prime is the hour.
There in the warm washed sands of time are faded footprints where
Once stood a woman, in whose youth-filled hair laid a vibrant flower.
'Twas not her alone that stood in the sand; next to her shadow,
A man stood tall, firm, and grounded: his radiance full of power.

Into their souls they each did gaze with
Passion, affection, and yearning!
Marriage was seized, thus united
They were in a love that was burning!

Oh dying sun, beyond the waves, that pricks the horizon,
Thy beams reveal saddening truth: that their love cannot last.
The memory, though grand it may be of a wedding feat,
Has but one frail flaw, the time embraced towards now is passed.
Love is real and must endure, though kings rule not this thing!
All oaths not bound nor sealed, into the ocean they are cast!

Oh Passion and Mystery, and
Far spent yearning, with all love brings,
Grasp the burning, blazing, pure, boundless
Meaning within those binding rings!

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