Framing My Future

I love schedules
And diagrams
And planning my life away
So why doesn’t my future fit into a frame?
As hard as I try
To cram in my dreams
They keep falling out
And I keep falling asleep
I want to make you feel loved
So freaking loved you’ll never be sad again
I want to keep you safe
From injustice and pain
And sickness and hardship
You don’t deserve it
I want a world filled with clean air
Happy fish and
Thriving koalas
How could they do that to the little koalas?
I want to create something amazing
And I want kids
And a bunch of dogs and cats
And a farm with the good kind of GMOs
That every day makes progress
To feeding the whole world
And I want to discover the secrets
Of how to save the world
I want to write the next great American novel
And work on a presidential campaign
Of course to do that
I would have to figure out what I even believe in
I want to figure out what I believe in
But most of all
I just want you to know how much
I love you
My dreams are bigger than the frame I have
But so what
As Leslie Knope says
“There's nothing we can't do if we work hard,
never sleep, and
shirk all other responsibilities in our lives”
So I’ll start by dreaming
Sitting here on my bed
Writing poems and thinking

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