Freak Show

Speak! Speak! Your hateful Words!
Everyday's a freak show!
Each behind a mask or makeup
Mock the man who fought for country,
Who's scars bare your freedom
Notice how he stands in front of you
Tough yet broken inside!

Speak! Speak, your hateful words!
How I would loathe to hear otherwise,
Did you enjoy the clowns in disguise?
How about the cannon man?
Tell me how the kid's an idiot.
Who works to feed his family.
Who father was less a man
And him the larger half
Who's sisters call him hero
While you call him pathetic

Speak! Speak! Your hateful words
How I'd hate to upset the ringleader.
Who I believe exists and loves
And never leaves anything unjust
An eye for an eye, I believe your already blind,
A tooth for a tooth, I'd love to see your crooked smile.
You who's small yet walks on stilts,
You who crosses the thin rope
You're the most exotic of them all
Welcome to the freak show.

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