What is normal?
Normal is an idea, a bubble, a cloud, a dream.
How dare you call me normal in the life where nothing's what it seems
When no one tries to be themselves and seek the things we want to seek.
In this "normal world" I proudly call myself a freak.
A normal world means a world with no magic.
Where things don't gleam, shine, or glisten.
It is not good to me, to me this world sounds like a prison.
I love being free, being different, being a freak, being me.
I don't have to be normal to love me for me.
Imagine a world with no soul, no heart, no individuality.
That world sounds like torture to me.
No one is the same, so no one fits the "normal bill."
Living with normal all my life I've had the freak-sized fill.
To be biggest, to be shortest.
To be put most in danger, to be strongest, or most awe-inspiring.
In my world this means beautiful, fascinating, and unique.
The "normal" world to me is a world run by freaks.

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