Freddie Waters

By Alexis   

There was a man named Freddie..
Freddie Waters to be exact.
From Birmingham, Alabama is where he was from,
And he was never afraid to tell you that.
He was an older cat than most on the chat lines you see.
Very unique, genuine, and if he considered you family, he loved you deeply.
He may have been born without his sight but
Don't get it twisted, my Brother Freddie was born full of life.
He didnt smoke or drink but will tear a root beer float apart.
And if he spoke about something he believed in, he spoke up about it from his heart.
Like music..
When it came to music, he had a knowledge of the sorts threw the decades.
I'm talking about artists, songs and albums made before our parents decided to procreate.
Rock, Blues, Oldies and even some R&B.
I remember the time he sang to me..
It was Blackstreet. He said.. I like the way you work it... No Diggety.
He even put on my B Board Jimi Hendrix whole anthology for me.. (Smile) Thanks Brother Freddie.
When he first came to the City a couple years ago.
He would announce his self and then fall in the cut real low.
He would barely talk, just mostly listen, you know..
But when he got that Panama City Family love
He came out his shell and spread his wings like a dove.
Laughing, joking, to talking shit with the rest of us.
Hell, he even gave us one good Holiday The Fuck Up!
Awww man..
It's so many memories. I could go on and on for hours.
If I could describe him, it would have been like a flower.
When he started here, he wasnt yet bloomed.. like a baby flower bud.
We helped him blossom into a flower full of charisma, humor and love.
And when he went outside of city limits to see what and who was around.
Even then, he STILL held Panama City and P&J down.
One thing I can say, no matter where my Brother may have roamed.
He knew he could always come back home.
Panama City never forget you Freddie Waters, That's a Neverending promise.
Sleep peacefully my Brother..
Love always, your Marlow Thomas.

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