"What in the world were you thinking?"
I yelled as I got in her face
The fight had made the whole house a mess
I could hardly recognize the place

The tables and chairs had flipped over.
The china shattered on the floor.
The pots and pans lay like bodies;
And a hole kicked in through the back door.

She left in the heat of the moment
Screamed, "You scumbag," as she slammed the screen door.
"Finally you're leaving me alone," I yelled.
"Could I really ask for anything more?"

"But it wasn't my fault; it was you all along,
Wasn't it?" That's what I'll say.
And you can regret all the things that you've done;
Or just cry me a river today.

And I wish you would say you were sorry
And admit your wrongdoings to me.
But until you do, you'll be the one suffering;
And as for me, well, I'll be free.

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