A beautiful butterfly can never be tamed;
not even by someone like you.
A free spirit's heart can never be claimed;
but is easily broken in two.
A butterfly lives it's life carefree;
no confusion to drive it insane.
A free spirit cares too much to see;
when something is causing it pain.
A butterfly is pure beauty rarely seen;
taken for granted yet appreciated the same.
A free spirit is few and far between;
looked down upon for being untame.
Before you know it, the butterfly is gone;
you sit and wonder why it flew away.
While this free spirit stays up till dawn;
wondering what would make you stray.
A free spirit shows emotion without fear;
unafraid of what you might say.
Unashamed to shed a tear,
but unwilling to beg you to stay.
Because as a free spirit, I live for me;
my one true best friend.
I'm my own worst enemy,
that's stuck with myself to the end.

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