Arrived and ready to set foot on the beach
I had waited so long for this moment of peace.
The warm summer light made my eyes start to glimmer
And I wish I could explain what a beautiful picture.
Luminous and bright, its warmth held me tight
And it was hard to escape such a breathtaking sight.
The glamorous sunset had captured my attention
And it was so beautiful, must I mention
The colors of red, orange, and pink all blended together
And I watched in awe, hoping this scene would last forever
The soft sand ran in between my toes
As I ventured towards the ocean, the sound of the crashing waves
suddenly arose
A misty spray of the ocean's water jumped up to touch my face,
And I wiped it all off only to catch its bitter taste
I glanced down only to find my feet to be sinking
Into the mushy sand, they disappeared as rapid as a person blinking.
The waves, how they pounded with such magnificent power,
I jumped at their sight when they grew as tall as a tower.
The salty aroma soon fled to my nose
And the memories came alive like the petals on a rose
This was the place, the place where I feel
Nothing but freedom, so relaxing, so real
I took a last glance and turned to say goodbye
To a place that I will cherish until the day that I die
I glanced in every direction, taking pictures in my mind,
So that one day, I could look back and remember this wonderful time

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