Plato says of the man living in his cave
All he knows for all his life is how to be a slave
So finally when he is free When at last he can escape
The light that breaks into his eyes Is more than he can take
Flashbacks to the days of slaves waking
Everyday chained to shackles, Their backs breaking
Chains around their legs, Their bodies shaking
And once again his mind is racing
All the while he is thinking, About the light off in the distance
And he can't find a way to stop the sudden never-ending buzzing
of the clock that keeps on running like that energizer bunny
but every single morning
are the same old questions horning up in his head like hornets
hitting up against his eyelids to ask what he is doing
to make the seconds ticking down
worth something more than just the sound
of clicking, clacking, passing, breaking
but If he couldn't take a thing, if he refused to take a swing
If he refused to take to wing, If he couldn't speak or sing
he'd descend the 7th ring, so he must face the tests that make us
He must take the path where it will take us
Cause Nostradamus saw the future, he saw the wars, plagues and bloods
Of all the things that would be grim
He never once predicted him, So he must rise to this challenge
Embrace the things that he can manage
let go of all that's happened, move on and sow the seed
of everything that he can be, its up to him to take the lead.
Only then, will he be free.

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